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simfatic forms

A Form Design Software that is Quick, Easy and Simple.

HTML form design can often turn to be a tedious task. First, you need to design the HTML page that contains the form using an HTML editor. Next, you have to create a set of input validations using JavaScript. The final step is to create a form processor script that collects the data submitted in the form, validates it again and then sends it as email/stores in database or a file.

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How to make a web form and get it online quickly

Coding a web form is a long, tedious process. However, there is an easier way. Using Simfatic Forms you can quickly create feature-rich web forms without coding. You just have to design the form using the visual editor; Simfatic Forms generates all the required code. You don’t have to worry about coding HTML, CSS JavaScript or PHP. Even if you know coding, and do forms regularly, Simfatic Forms saves you all the time spent on coding and lets you focus on the form design.

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